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Which levers will work best of the Director of Product Innovation, and in which order? Why?

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Change Management Simulation: Power and Influence

Scenarios 2 and 3 differ in terms of the power of the change agent and the urgency of the change. In scenario 3, you will be the Director of Product Innovation at Spectrum Sunglasses, with influence and no authority, leading a high urgency change. In scenario 2, you will be the CEO of Spectrum Sunglasses, leading a proactive, yet low urgency change and you have influence with authority.   Answer the following 


  • Which levers will work best of the Director of Product Innovation, and in which order? Why? 

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The most effective levers for the Director of Product Innovation will be those that increase their influence within the organization. This could include networking with key stakeholders, building relationships with decision-makers, and demonstrating their knowledge and expertise on the topic of change. The order in which these levers are used will depend on the specific situation and on the Director's relationships with the stakeholders involved.

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In order to successfully bring about the change, the Director of Product Innovation will have to pull on each and every one of these levers. The precise order in which they are utilized will be determined by the circumstances at hand as well as the relationships that the Director maintains with the many essential stakeholders.


The Director should have a crystal clear vision of what it is they want to accomplish and should be fully devoted to bringing about the change. This is the most crucial factor. Even if the Director does not have formal authority, she can still make the change happen if she takes the appropriate approach.

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