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change management simulation: power and influence v3 solutions step by step. It is a harvard simula

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change management simulation: power and influence v3 solutions step by step.

It is a harvard simulation for change management.

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Phase of Adoption
The adoption phase of simulation-3 was superior to all other simulations, as the adoption phases were consistently growing in trend from mobilize to sustain. While the adoption phases of simulations 2 and 4 increased but remained constant, the adoption phase of simulation 1 remained constant.

Ratio of Change Efficiency

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There are a lot of similarities amongst the simulations that my team members have done. Because our visions were not clear during the initial simulation run, we almost failed to attain the anticipated results. Later in our simulation run, we all improved and outperformed the first simulation run. Thinking of ourselves as CEOs had an impact on our overall simulation results, as we were able to accomplish greater results as CEOs than when we thought of ourselves as Directors of Product Innovation.

In terms of the results obtained, I noticed a few differences as well. Because of the approach we utilized for simulation run, the desired results of each of us were different. My team members were able to complete the sustainability adoption phase in the early weeks, however I was unable to do so. This could have been due to the fact that the mobility and movement stage took longer for me, affecting the credibility and change efficiency rate of my simulation run. Because of their efficient simulation run, my team members' efficiency rates were substantially greater than mine. (In other words, the awareness and interest stages of change management were completed in the first few weeks.)

Step-by-step explanation

Binci, D., Belisari, S., & Appolloni, A. (2019). BPM and change management: An ambidextrous perspective. Business Process Management Journal.

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