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Before colonization,Malaya's education system wasinformal, and emphasis was given more on religiouse

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Before colonization,Malaya's education system wasinformal, and emphasis was given more on religiouseducation known as Sekolah Pondok (Shanmugavelu,Ariffin,Thambu,& Mahayudin,2020).

a)Examine the influence and impression of the traditionaleducational system before the arrival of the British.(4Marks)b)Identify component and value of Islamic Educationduring British collonization and Japanese colonization

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The conventional system of education in pre-colonial Malaya, which placed a major emphasis on Islamic education, was vital in forming the local inhabitants' sense of cultural belonging. Islamic education witnessed significant adjustments throughout British and Japanese colonial authority, integrating with Western education under British control and experiencing the cultivation of patriotism and conservation of regional customs during Japanese colonial administration. Islamic education persisted in safeguarding community identities and religious teachings throughout these times in history.

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• The Japanese permitted the continuation of Islamic religious education, although they made some modifications to it to conform to their beliefs and practices.

• In contrast to other areas of schooling and administration, Islamic education was generally undisturbed by Japanese colonization, which maintained some indigenous customs. 

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