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The British had colonized Malaya from the 18th centuryuntil the 20th century

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The British had colonized Malaya from the 18th centuryuntil the 20th century. During the colonial period, theBritish had brought significant effect on the social-education of Malaya.

a) Indentify philosophy, system, and structures goals duringBritish colonization with narrative and chronology.(4Marks)

b) Compare and analyze education duringBritishcolonization and Japanese colonization

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a) During British colonization in Malaya, the colonial administration had various goals concerning the social-education system:

  1. Philosophy: The British aimed to create an educated native workforce to serve their colonial interests and establish a hierarchical social structure that maintained their control over the region.

  2. System: They implemented an education system that primarily catered to the needs of the British colonial administration. This system focused on providing basic education to the native population to produce skilled laborers for their economic ventures.

  3. Structures: The British established schools that emphasized British culture, values, and language. English became the medium of instruction, and the curriculum often portrayed British history and perspectives.

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    Access to Education: The British introduced educational opportunities to a larger extent than the Japanese. However, both systems discriminated against the indigenous population and favored the elite.

    Teacher Recruitment: British education brought in foreign teachers, often from England, while Japanese colonization relied more on local educators trained in their system.

    Impact on Identity: British education emphasized westernization, leading to an influence on the social identity of the people, while Japanese education promoted a sense of Asian identity and pride.

    Post-Colonial Influence: After British colonization, the education system continued to have English as a prominent language and carried the legacy of British influence. In contrast, the Japanese language and cultural elements had a lesser long-term impact.



    • British education in Malaya taught British history and values, such as the importance of the British Empire in spreading civilization.

    • Japanese education emphasized the virtues of loyalty to the Japanese Emperor and the glory of the Japanese nation.

    Key references:

    • Malayan History: British Colonisation and Its Impact on Education.

    • The Influence of Japanese Colonization on Malayan Education.

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